A rare collection of old Burmese Lacquerware –

just opened crates of Burmese lacquerware from 1976

Wrapped Kunits

opening old crates of Burmese lacquerware from 1976

Opening of the crates

We were fortunate to acquire recently five unopened crates of old Burmese lacquerware. Our acquaintance that made these available to us had them stored in a warehouse since her parents who were antique importers in the 1960’s ceased doing their business. They had been shipped from Madras, India (now Chennai) and these five were never opened at the time. The Burmese lacquerware had ended up in India having been collected by workers from the Chettinad region of India that the British had hired to run administrative services in Rangoon and Mandalay. At Burmas independence these workers returned home with this lacquerware. Opening the crates after almost 50 years was indeed an exciting moment to discover what they held. One first noticed how each piece was finely wrapped in a high quality printed paper which we endeavored to save as much as possible and then the old Madras newspapers filling the gaps between each item.

We have traveled extensively in Myanmar and have a familiarity with todays lacquerware and it was immediately noticeable the difference in quality and craftsmanship. Many of the pieces were exquisite in the fine detail, worthy of inclusion into the reference books in which we saw the same pieces.

We have too many pieces to list individually and what we have listed and showing is only a small sample. Please contact us for any inquiry. We are also interested in any large wholesale orders.

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