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Nakashima chairs

Nakashima chairs

Shopping in India for us means visiting many wholesalers throughout the country. The godowns (warehouses) are usually stacked high to the ceilings with narrow rows to walk between. Often on the dark side even with the switched on lights, you end up walking endless isles sweating in the heat. Always there’s someone to take notes of your choices and hand you another drink as they pull down the piece for closer inspection. Then on to another isle and another godown. Trusting in each other’s eye for finding good pieces in the overwhelming volume of everything, Lydia and I take separate isles calling out to each other over the stacks when a possible item is found.

It’s definitely the most enjoyable part of our business as you never know what you will find each trip. Sometimes very desirable pieces as in a collection of chairs or an unusual folk art piece that’s one of a kind. You go thinking of what the shop needs and come back with a container of everything but those.

As we’ve been in business awhile now, we have clients that have ask to find specific things that they are interested in. Easy to send a video or images via the internet today when we find just that special item.

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painted cabinets

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