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Indian architectural salvage

Various architectural salvage

Being a designer-builder I was intrigued by what we were seeing on our first trip to India. It was early morning on our second day and out of the very misty bus windows we were noticing shops along the highway selling all manner of salvaged building materials. It was the pillars that I was most interested in and before the day was out, we were purchasing six of the most beautiful columns of Indian rosewood (palissandre) to ship to the U.S for our new home. Thus began the beginnings of our business though we did not know that at the time.

In India there are old mansions of many stories with a surrounding inner courtyard these are called Havelis. Many of these have been ‘broken up’ and this is where most of the finest pieces come from. Nothing is wasted in this process as the wood is from old growth tropical forests, the wood rare today. Now these Havelis are being refurbished for their heritage value.

Much of what we carry is Teak that being the most common in India. We still have a few pillars made of rosewood though as of recent, Indian rosewood is now prohibited for export. Some of the pieces we have been refinished though many are in a natural state.

teak wall panel

carved teak wall panels

satinwood and rosewood pillars

Satinwood & Rosewood pillars

Rosewood door

Indian Doors with or without frames

Carved ceiling panel

Carved teak ceiling panels

teak wall panel

Gujarati panel

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