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India is known for its handicrafts, if something that is functional it can also be crafted with ornamentation to make it beautiful. An example is the urli, a cooking pot made of bell metal casted in the lost wax process. These age old pots are often very large and heavy. Their handles are casted with holes so that rods can slide through them so that it could be lifted on and off the open fire. Today they often are filled with water and flowers finding a new life as a beautiful display.

There are so many examples of artistic skills that are still alive today but beginning to fade every year. We seek to find those that have such a past history.

terra-cotta figures

Terra-cotta Figures

wooden pots

Wooden pots & containers

Wooden Boxes

Wooden Boxes



Home temple

Home Temples

Lacquered trays

Lacquered Trays

Carved animals

Carved Animals

dokra horse

Dokra  Pieces

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