Ceramic Mortar & Pestles

Large ceramic mortar and pestle

Ceramic Mortar & Pestles

New made with polished outside and rougher inside for grinding. Pestles have a wood handle and rough ceramic grinding base. Three different sizes available.


Smaller:      7″ (dia.)  x  3-1/4″ (H)    /  pestle length    5-3/4″
Medium:     8″ (dia.)  x  3-3/4″ (H)   /  pestle length    7-3/4″
Large:         9″ (dia.)  x  4-1/8″ (H    /  pestle length    8-1/4″


Smaller:        3 lbs. 2.8 oz.
Medium:       4 lbs. 1.8 oz.
Large:           6lbs. 9.4 oz.


New made


$63.00  (small )   / $79.00 (medium)  /   $94.00 (large)     SOLD

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