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Campaign Chests & Boxes

If you served overseas during the years of the European Empires, you were quite often transferred from post to post whether you were in the military or a civilian.  ‘Campaign Chests’ served to not only carry your belongings but also to serve as furniture, thus the beautiful exotic woods used in their construction. Methods of travel in those days were often arduous so chests and boxes were built with corners and edges wrapped in protective and strengthening brass straps giving the chests their distinctive look. ‘Cash Boxes’ were an everyday item found in merchants shop throughout India. Cash Boxes were  used to hold the days business proceeds. Divided into different sections they often have a secret compartment. Today they make wonderful jewelry boxes. In India ‘Dowry Chests’ held the brides ‘gift’ to her new husband family and her own belongings that she would take with her. The wealthier you were the more numerous and ornate the chests.

Rosewood Cash Box

British colonial rosewood cash box. Boxes like these were used by shop owners in India. Accented by brass straps, corners, and a center medallion on top. Sits on round feet. Has a divided shelf, plus a paper holder inside. Features a working lock and two keys. In good antique refurbished condition. Old repaired crack in the lid.


15″ W x 10-3/4″ D x 8-1/2″ H


early 20th C



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