Amber from Myanmar

Kachin Amber from the remote north of Myanmar

Our Amber comes directly from the Kachin Tribe in the Hukawng Valley of Northern Kachin State of Myanmar. Burmese Amber ( Burmite ) is considered the oldest and hardest on Earth,  at least 100 million years old from the Cretaceous Period. Due to it’s hardness it takes a very high polish but can be a little brittle. An intact baby dinosaur tail was recently found covered in feathers in this amber and many of the beads in our necklaces contain artifacts from this period.

Please note:

If you are looking for a soft Amber like ‘Baltic’ this is not it. Also, this is a tribal necklace with original stringing, not ‘western’ strung. Though some of these necklaces do come on the tourist market, especially the simple beaded ones, most are made for tribal members for their yearly gathering.

Kachin State has seen much fighting and many of the people have become refuges. Watch this YouTube video on the amber polishers and their plight.

We have much more amber available but not up online at this point. On request we can send photos.

Golden Amber Necklace

Rustic and unusual necklace of different shaped beads, yellow to brown.  61 beads strung on jewelry elastic. Many plant and some insect inclusions.


Length 10-1/2″  Beads range from approx 1/4″ -1/2″ in diameter.




Kachin Amber Necklace with Pendant

Kachin tribal dancers necklace. Dark yellow to golden brown flat round beads, with 2 round accent beads that vary from yellow to reddish brown, and one cylinder bone bead, graduated size on thread. Many plant inclusions.


15-3/4″ L.  Beads range in size from 1/4″ – 1/2″.  Cylindrical bone bead is 2-3/16″ L. x 3/8″ Dia.



Please feel free to contact us for purchasing items or for any additional information & detailed images.
We also sell Amber beads separately.